While appearing on Hot 97 this week, 50 Cent shared the details of his falling out with former G-Unit artist Game. According to the Queens rapper, Game’s departure from G-Unit stemmed from a disagreement the Compton emcee had with Memphis Bleek and a diss he made towards Jay Z.

50 Cent also said that Game wanted to disassociate himself from 50’s The Massacre record “Piggy Bank” and downplay his alleged feud with Memphis Bleek and Jay Z during a radio interview. He added that before Game could make a statement about Jay, Bleek, and “Piggy Bank,” his idea was to get rid of the rapper.

“Nah, that was intended,” 50 Cent said when asked if he respects Game for leaving G-Unit. “Cause I don’t even know what sparked it. You see what I’m saying? If I had an argument or we had some sort of differences, I would understand it…The first thing that happened he went overseas. His first week numbers came back. He attacked Jay. He said something about Jay cause he was supposed to have ran into Memphis Bleek and had some sort of beef. I didn’t know what was going on…First, I was trying to get in contact with Jay. Cause I was like ‘He just got off. Jay will stomp him out.’ You see what I’m saying? I’m like ‘Wait, let me get in contact with him to stop it from going bad. I can fix it before it actually happens.’

“And then before I could actually get to him. I went up and he was calling the radio station saying ‘Yo, put me on the air. Put me on the air,’” he added. “His way of trying to fix that situation was saying ‘I don’t have no problem. Not with Jay Z. Not with Memphis Bleek. I don’t have a problem with nobody. I don’t have anything to do with that record ‘Piggy Bank’ that 50 Cent got or anything else.’ I’m like ‘Alright, well get rid of him before he even get a chance to make the statement.’ Since he’s saying it internally over and over. So, I’m not gonna wait for him to say it publicly…He’s one of the artists that showed me that you don’t actually have to have consistency. Cause he’ll go one way and then completely go the other way like he bipolar or something.”

Prior to speaking on Game, 50 Cent spoke on New York Hip Hop and why he felt it wasn’t his responsibility to help those who didn’t look out for him at the start of his music career.

“I couldn’t even get a deal in New York City,” he said. “My deal is with Eminem from Detroit. Dr. Dre from the West Coast. Because they were going ‘No, no, no. We like real. We want the real, but wait, yours is too real.’ It is what it is. It was no deal. There was nothing there for me. This is why—People always misinterpret what they’re [actually seeing]. Because I’m the underdog, when I get to the winning slot I’m going—I’m not looking back to help people who weren’t helping me in the whole time. Who would be doing that?”

Lastly, 50 Cent again addressed his relationship with those in G-Unit. He went on to take some responsibility for the group and then explained why members of groups like the St. Lunatics and D12 didn’t receive the individual shine that those in G-Unit did.

“Can you name every member of D12? Okay,” the rapper said. “Can you name every member of the St. Lunatics? I’mma tell you why. I’mma tell you why. I’mma tell you why you can’t name them. It’s because they all had to wait til after the second cycle of their leader. So, Nelly’s first album popped. Then Nelly’s second album popped. And because those albums were hugely successful albums it took a long time for the record to be over for them to get to the next album. So, it was so long that everybody just became they crew with Nelly. It’s like Em. D12’s the crew with Em. G-Unit, the first record came out, boom. I forced the G-Unit album to come out. Interscope didn’t want the G-Unit album. They wanted the next 50 Cent record. It just sold 13 million records. So, I forced that record to come out. It caused Lloyd Banks to sell three million records off of the momentum following right off of that. Buck, 1.8 million records. Then Yayo like 800-something thousand…And then it’s like ‘Okay, now we gotta work.’”

50 Cent’s interview with Hot 97 comes several months before the scheduled June 3 release of his next studio album, Animal Ambition. In the works for quite some time, the LP will include guest appearances from Jadakiss, Styles P, and Prodigy, according to 50 Cent.

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