Despite a past feud with 50 Cent, Jadakiss and Styles P of The LOX are two artists slated to appear on the Queens rapper’s upcoming album titled, Animal Ambition. While speaking with Complex recently, 50 addressed his collaborations with the two Yonkers lyricists and spoke on the root of his past feud with Jada and Styles.

According 50 Cent, his feud with Jadakiss and Styles P stemmed from his lengthy beef with Ja Rule. He chose to incorporate the two into his feud with Ja when they came to the Murder Inc. rapper’s defense when 50 says Ja Rule was being destroyed.

“My issues with Fat Joe. My issues with Jada and the entire LOX. These things came from my Ja Rule issue,” 50 Cent said. “It came from them trying to help him. I can’t let you help him while I’m destroying him. You see what I’m saying? When you destroyed you’re destroyed completely. That’s when they lost power. So, as he’s actually hurt and looking for some support somewhere and he gets Jada. And he gets Joe…Everybody gotta get some of this until they leave him alone and he just goes off to be buried.”

In regards to his collab with Styles P, the G-Unit emcee says initially Jadakiss was the only artist out of the pair set to appear on Animal Ambition. But after observing Styles’ reaction to one of the records on the album, he invited the rapper to appear on the track.

“Well, first it was an idea to collaborate with Jadakiss on a song,” he said. “And then when I got there Styles was there. I went to Yonkers to go to the actual recording studio. So, I hung out with them. And I said ‘I got something.’ Like when he heard the record come on his response to it was like ‘Yo, this is crazy.’ And I was like ‘Yo, go ‘head. You can get on it.’ Like ‘What?’ I said ‘Go ‘head. You can get on it.’ And it feels really good. It feels like he belongs there. Usually I know when something’s really good when it comes on because I wish it was mine. You know what I mean? Like I wish that was my record. Or I wish I was on the record. Cause it just feels that good. So, when he was like responding to it like ‘Yo, I like that’…When the joint came on I was like ‘Yo, let him rap. Let him rock.’”

In addition to his past beef with Ja Rule and The LOX, 50 Cent addressed another rap feud. 50 briefly touched on Jay Z versus Nas and insinuated that while Nas may have won lyrically, Jay Z may currently hold the win when it concerns their past feud.

“If you would ask someone who listens to lyrics who won between Nas and Jay Z, they would say Nas. Ate that boy alive. But if we looked at Nas and we looked at Jay Z at this point right now we see something that reflects something different. It’s what kind of win are you looking for,” 50 Cent said.

On top of collaborations with Styles P and Jadakiss, Animal Ambition will also include features from Prodigy of Mobb Deep and Kidd Kidd. And according to 50 Cent, the LP will focus heavily on prosperity.

Animal Ambition is about prosperity and the effects of it,” he said during an interview with Vibe this month. “A lot of people think about how successful you are doing when it comes to prosperity, but the envy connected to it like, ‘Damn, niggas wanna want to stick me for my paper.’ That was [The Notorious] B.I.G. rapping after Ready To Die when he actually made some money and felt new energy from people that he didn’t feel before with the success he had at that point.”

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