The Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready To Die album turns 20 years old Saturday (September 13). Before the album was released, Puff Daddy played some of the songs from the collection for Faith Evans, who like Biggie, was signed to Bad Boy Entertainment at the time.

“I wasn’t really in his sessions back then ’cause Puff had me working on all types of stuff, not to mention my own album,” Faith Evans says during an interview that premiered in the DX Daily today (September 11), “But when I did get a chance to hear the first few songs I heard on that album, I believed everything Puff told me because he knew. He was like, ‘He’s gonna be star… He’s gonna be a sex symbol.’ I mean, he knew…I was like, ‘Ok.’ And he really did, but I mean he couldn’t have done it if Big didn’t have anything to work with, ya know.”   

Faith Evans and Biggie later married.

The Brooklyn rapper was killed in a still unsolved murder in Los Angeles in March 1997. He would have turned 42 this year.

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