The back-and-forth between rapper Snoop Dogg and radio personality Star continued over the week with Star turning to his Star Live & Direct radio show to respond to threats Snoop made in an Instagram video post.

After playing the audio of Snoop threatening to beat him during his “Just Who Is Snoop Dogg Tuesday” show, Star joked about being “choked up” following Snoop’s response. He then recalled the West Coast lyricist’s 1996 murder trial and Snoop’s alleged declaration that he wasn’t a gang member and had never shot anyone.

Star later revealed that Dr. Dre was reportedly absent during Snoop’s trial.

“I love that nigga, man,” Star said. “I’m choked up right now. Truth be told, we don’t see this nigga like that. For the babies who don’t know, back in 1996 Calvin Broadus was on trial for murder. He told the courtroom and I quote, ‘I’m not a gang member and I’ve never shot anyone. I’m gang-affiliated, but I’m not a gang member.’ See, history has swept a lot of things up under the rug. And I’m not tryna stop nobody’s hustle. He’s a funny character type nigga. Ain’t he? We love him. I don’t take him serious. As a registered firearm carrier I’m not gonna respond, ‘Yeah yeah yeah. I’ll meet you in the street. Yadda yadda yadda.’ Nigga might be on that suing shit. Get my gun taken away from me…Dre didn’t even go to the trial. ‘Nigga, I brought you in for some protection. You not a gang [member]? You never shot nobody? You’re on your own.’”

The feud between Star, who is bi-racial, and Snoop began when the radio personality criticized Snoop over his Todd character. Star labeled the rapper “racist” for wearing whiteface and recently criticized the likes of Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy for also wearing whiteface.

“I have an appreciation for the West Coast life, players, the crazy gang worlds,” he said. “So, it’s not personal against the nigga, but he said some racist shit. He put on this whole whiteface character Todd and I had to call him out. Now, I’m an objectivist…If I get at black people as I do I have to get at white people as well. People on Twitter ‘Yo Star, what about the Wayans brothers, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy? They put on whiteface too.’ Yes, those niggas were racist. Fuck ‘em all.”

In addition to informing Star that he would “beat your motherfuckin’ ass” in a video clip uploaded to Instagram after he received word of Star’s initial Todd comments, Snoop also posted a picture of Star along with the following caption:

“Here’s the bitch as half nigga star that’s hatin on Todd ! Jealous ass nigga.”

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