Snoop Dogg, who recently received criticism from Starr regarding his videos as Todd, a White man, has responded to the host with an Instagram caption. 

“Here’s the bitch as half nigga star that’s hatin on Todd ! Jealous ass nigga,” Snoop Dogg says in a caption on Instagram.

The caption is for a screenshot of an article about Star’s comments. In his comments, Star said:



“He’s gotten a pass long enough,” Star said of Snoop recently. “I haven’t really went in on him—pause—like I have other people. There’s no particular reason why I haven’t, he just doesn’t affect me. I don’t take him seriously. He’s not a pimp. I’ve never really had an issue. I never gave a fuck about his music. What is it he did with Dr. DreThe ChronicThe Chronic was banging. ‘Gin and Juice‘ was my shit. But after that, I couldn’t name one fucking Snoop Dogg track if you gave me a million dollars. I don’t know what the fuck he did down atPriority Records. I have no concept. But nigga you need to pump the fucking brakes. He’s now painting his face white, wearing a white wig, running around calling himself Todd. Nigga, what the fuck are you doing? People are down in motherfucking Ferguson, Missouri, this is the pulse of the nation right now. He picks this time to come out with some stupid shit. He’s got some corny people around him, amping him up, smiling.” 

In another recent Instagram clip, Snoop sends a video message to Star.

“I read that comment you said,” Snoop Dogg says. “Nigga, I’ll beat your motherfuckin’ ass, nigga. Don’t be talking shit about me. You don’t even know me, cuz. I can have fun. I can do what the fuck I wanna do, you bitch-ass nigga. Suck dick or die trying.”

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