Despite their occasional rifts, Chicago rapper Lil Durk says he’s not opposed to the idea of working with fellow Chi-Town artist Chief Keef. During an interview with Vlad TV, Durk downplayed his issues with Keef, stating that everyone has their “own little problems” at some point.

He later revealed that working with other artists has the ability to bring in more money since it results in artists sharing fanbases.

“Yeah, bruh,” Lil Durk said when asked if he would work with Chief Keef. “That shit ain’t shit, bruh. Everybody just be going through they own little problems and they own little stages. That shit ain’t shit. Everybody gonna work in Chicago. It’s more money out here. When you together more money flow in. More fans, you share fanbases. That’s how I look at it. Niggas probably don’t look at it like that. This shit could be gone tomorrow then you back right to square one. Now you back in the streets.”

Durk also brought up the past beef between Rick Ross and Jeezy after clarifying that he’s not the type of artist who would beef with someone on Twitter and later release a record for publicity purposes.

“You know how that shit go, man. You know how it go,” he said. “I can tweet a mothafucka and get into it with them and we be on a song together [in] two weeks. That’s the type of shit—Fans like that type of shit, bro. A real mothafucka like us we don’t look at it like that. But that’s when you come out with an album and I come out with an album and—Just like how Ross and Jeezy did. The song didn’t get as big as it was supposed to have got, but they were like ‘Damn, they been into it for so long they need to get on a song with each other’…The publicity shit, but the shit we was doing it wasn’t publicity.”

For well over a year, both Chief Keef and Lil Durk have exchanged verbal blows via social media and in various interviews. Most recently, Durk criticized Keef after the rapper posted Tyga and Game’s “ChiRaq To LA” record. During an interview with WGCI in May of this year, Durk revealed that Keef “disrespected the whole Chicago” by posting the song.

Lastly, Durk offered a few words of advice for up-and-coming rappers. He suggested that they be different and try to avoid all the various scams aimed at artists.

“Trying to come up in this rap…today in Chicago you gotta be different, man,” the rapper said. “You can’t fall for the street shit. You can’t fall for the [fool] shit. All these fake management out here. And scams going on to try to be—Try to put your foot in the gate. You just getting people word of advice. And stay up and strong. Cause mothafuckas gonna try and knock you down like I said. You gotta build relationships with the deejays and these different artists in these different markets. Like Chance The Rapper. People used to look at him like ‘Aw, that’s Chance.’ Now he got bigger and bigger and did a song with Justin Bieber. They looking like ‘Damn, hit that nigga on Twitter, man. You need to get some work done.’”

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