During the recent Total Slaughter event, Loaded Lux’s diss track to Busta Rhymes was unveiled by Murda Mook. Busta, who was in attendance at the time, later said he was shocked to hear the cut. Now, the snippet has been leaked to the Internet and can be heard via BattleRap

“Tell Busta bust it,” Loaded Lux says on the track. “Your rhyme’s busted/ As far as busters, I just seen a knock out artist/ You ain’t on the upper-cut in it.”

To listen to the song, BattleRap.

In 2012, Loaded Lux spoke about his admiration for Busta Rhymes, as reported by HipHopDX

“Busta is a lyricist,” Lux said at the time. “They’re catching on to Busta now putting them pads together when he’s going to work in terms of the flows, but if you slow it down…Busta says a lot bar for bar. He’s definitely one of those dudes who you can rewind and find out there’s more to find [in his lyrics], so I respect him as a lyricist. I would never ever not embark on something…We grow; I’m all about cultivation and edification of self. [But Busta rap battling], that’s a challenge to be respectful of, man. My peer, a dude that I respect letting the world know, ‘I rocks with Lux’ – that means a lot to me because I grew up listening to Busta as somebody trying to hone my skills as a lyricist…that he would even consider to give me a shot is good enough for me.”

For the full story on Loaded Lux and Busta Rhymes, check it out at BattleRap

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