Cormega, who is set to release Mega Philosophy as a joint project with Large Professor, recently spoke about why the duo joined forces.

“Not only have I been a fan of Large Professor forever, but when you get the chance to work with somebody great, you have to seize the opportunity,” Cormega says in an interview with AllHipHop. “It’s like sports. If you’re an all-star, and another all-star wants to play with you and it turns out right – something magical happens. I was not going to turn down an opportunity to do an album with Large Professor. No matter what.” 

Beyond joining forces with Large Professor, Cormega was also asked if he would be involved in a reunion with The Firm. 

“I’m a businessman,” Cormega says. “I’m open to doing a reunion with anybody. You know how people in jail have a calendar on the wall waiting for freedom? I’m definitely not waiting for no calls from anybody. I’m moving forward.” 

Cormega spoke about the Large Professor album in 2012.

“I’m working on [a] project right now with Large Professor doing all the production and I’m doing all the rhymes,” he said. “We have a few guest features, it’s gonna be called Mega Philosophy – that’s gonna be the next things that’s out.”

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