According to Los Angeles rapper Game, producer and former N.W.A. lyricist Dr. Dre recently offered a lofty donation to his Frog All-Stars, youth basketball league. While appearing on Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Game was asked if he still remains in communication with Dre.

In response to the question, he revealed that the beatsmith recently donated 100 headphones, presumably Beats By Dre, to the Frog All-Stars.

“Dr. Dre just sent 100 headphones to my whole entire Frog organization, the youth basketball team,” Game said.

The rapper also spoke on his upcoming compilation album, which is now titled Year Of The Wolf. He says he plans on “going in on a lot of people” on the project, which was previously titled Blood Money La Familia.

“It’s called Year Of The Wolf…People [are] pretty much terrified of wolves,” Game said. “Wolves howl. They scream and do all of that. And I just feel like this year I got a lot to get off my chest. And with this album, man, I’m going in on a lot of people. A lot of issues. A lot of stuff. I got very angry artists that I’m signing…It’s a whole angry movement…This is Los Angeles, ladies and gentlemen. And it’s a lot of fuckery going on out here. And I’m tired of people walking around. Hitting the red carpets and feeling like, you know, feeling like they Madonna when you Ma-thot-a. Basically, what I’mma do is I’m exposing everything. Everything, everybody [can] get it. It’s like one of them tell-all books, but in music form.”

He also revealed that he recently signed rappers Skeme and Dubb and still plans on releasing his compilation album in September.

Later in the interview, Game shared the details of his newly-inked deal with E1 Music.

“It’s my own world, man. I’m in cahoots with E1 formerly known as Koch,” he said. “We got a sweet deal. They came with a better deal than Interscope did in the beginning when I was young. I got two million up front. All cash. Wasn’t even a recording budget. And then after that they gave me a million dollars to record and then I got a million dollars to promote. Yeah, nowadays. And then the crazy part about the million that they gave me to promote is I put that in my pocket cause all my friends—It don’t cost nothing to get on The Neighborhood.”

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