TMZ Sports recently caught up with Compton rapper Game during his youth basketball team’s third practice to speak with the emcee about the launch of his AAU team.

Game revealed that his team, the California Frog All-Stars was named after his friend Michael Reshard Jr. who was killed last year. In addition to naming his team after Reshard, who also went by the name Lil Frogg, Game says his team and their basketball court both serve as a memorial to Reshard.

“The reason I put this court here was specifically for this youth team,” he said in a video posted on Vlad TV. “Yeah, this my team, man. It’s California Frog All-Stars. In the middle of the court is my friend’s name who was murdered last year, Lil Frogg. But it’s Michael Reshard Jr. and that’s his real name. And it’s a memorial court for that. So, I started an AAU team in his memorial.”

The West Coast wordsmith later detailed his exact role when it concerns the California Frog All-Stars. According to Game, he only serves as the owner of the team and has recruited others to serve as coaches.

“I’m not a coach. I’m more like the owner. I let the coaches do they thing,” Game said. “I don’t get in the way. I’m not like one of those guys who thinks he can coach and get out there and coach the kids cause my son is on the team. I let the coaches do the coaching and I do the supporting, man.”

In addition to launching the California Frog All-Stars, Game has lent his assistance to other charitable causes over the past few years.

Last year, Game donated $10,000 to the family of a six-year-old girl who was killed in Los Angeles. Additionally, months after making that donation, the rapper donated $10,000 to victims of the Philippines typhoon.

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