Directly after performing at the BACARDI Flavor event at Rucker Park, Troy Ave spoke with Baller Mind Frame about his transition into the public sphere. Explaining that he’s taking “it in stride,” Troy compared rappers with new-found success to police officers abusing their authority.

“I’m doing everything I said I would do,” he said. “As far as the stardom, I’m used to this shit. I’m not like another type of rapper who they was fucking nobody’s or they had no type of success. I really lived all the shit I talk about. So, I always had mad women, fly cars, Rolex watches, I was popular in high school, shit like that. Now with Rap it’s just a little bit more. It’s just like a spotlight on you. So instead of one hundred people knowing your name it’s a hundred thousand. I just take it in stride, stay humble, stay working. I don’t let nothing get to me. I don’t be on no cocky shit. I might come across cocky in my music or whatever but I always take pictures with people, I always kick it if somebody wanna talk some shit with me. A lot of niggas who they wasn’t nobody, it’s like the cop syndrome. If a cop was a sucker growing up in school and they got beat up and bullied, when they get to have that authority, they abuse they power, certain cops. Just like with certain artists, they get that authority or celebrity and they abuse that. I don’t abuse it ‘cause I always been a hood star, a ghetto star. I know how to deal with it. I just take it in stride.”

During the interview, Troy Ave also broke down his upcoming schedule and revealed plans for several new releases before the year is through.

“You know your dope boy Troy Ave gon’ keep on dropping consistent fire,” he said. “Elevating on these niggas. I got BSB Vol. 5 on the way. Shit gon’ be fire. Everything I say I do. I’m dropping my album, Major Without A Deal/Bricks In My Backpack Vol. 4. It’s gonna be better than New York City: The AlbumBSB Vol. 5 with the L.A. Leakers, that’s coming in the next couple of weeks.”

Again retracing his musical influences, the Brooklyn emcee alluded that his environment has had a bigger impact than anything else.

“One of my influences definitely 50 Cent,” he said. “Definitely Jay Z. Biggie Smalls. Tupac. Young Jeezy, Ross as far as newer influences. Master P with his hustle, he was talking his street talk. But my main influence is my environment. That’s what makes me different. I ain’t influenced by what new record or what new artist is at the top of the charts. I’m influenced by what’s in my environment.”

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