We reported a few weeks ago that The Mindset Army had begun a petition against Kanye West and his 10 Grammy nominations because he may not have written the smash hit “Jesus Walks” We also reported that the man in question who is credited as the co-writer of the song goes by the name of Rhymefest. Now a version of the song shows up on the Chicago-bred rapper’s website and has even reportedly leaked to the Internet.

His website features a link of the rapper performing the song with Kanye in Chicago. Rhymefest spits the first verse exactly the same as Kanye except he uses his name instead of Kanye’s (“Somebody tell these ni**gas who Rhymefest is”) while the second verse is slightly different. Rhymefest is credited for co-writing the song but rumors have surfaced that the song was bought by Kanye.

Rhymefest is no rookie to the rap game. He’s made a name for himself in Chicago and has even inked a deal with J Records for his debut album. He’s recorded songs with Common, Kanye, Carl Thomas, Consequence and the late ODB. His album is scheduled to drop late summer 2005. He has even ghostwritten 5 songs for ODB which makes the claims that he ghostwrote the songs for Kanye even stronger.