When asked about the Summer Jam incident involving Slowbucks, who was robbed and assaulted during 50 Cent’s performance at the annual music festival, Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy called the G-Unit helmsman “a wealthy ass goon” and cosigned the rapper being the last of his kind.

Lil Scrappy, who was signed to G-Unit Records at one point in his career, also credited 50 for being both a “smart” and “intelligent” goon, during his interview with Vlad TV.

“I don’t even know if it’s beef or what,” Lil Scrappy said. “That nigga 50 get money, cuz. You know what I’m saying? That big dog get money. That’s what cuz about. He talked to me a little game. So, I know cuz he get that money. You feel me? So, I don’t know. But I tell you one thing, that nigga 50 is a wealthy ass goon. Like for real. Just me knowing that nigga. That nigga a wealthy ass goon. I fuck with that nigga hard though. That’s a real nigga. Every now and then I holler. Every now and then I catch up with him…You know how they be like ‘They gave the wrong nigga money?’ That nigga is a smart ass, intelligent goon.”

Prior to referring to 50 Cent as “a wealthy ass goon,” Scrappy expressed his shock at there being any beef between 50 and Slowbucks. He says the Summer Jam incident was “crazy” and recalled the two men being homies.

“Yeah, I was signed to G-Unit at one point,” he said. “It was a great experience fuckin with the big dog…That’s crazy cause them two used to be homies. Like for real. Slowbucks and 50 used to be homies, so that shit kinda [throwed] me…I don’t know what they into. You know what I’m saying? I don’t get all into their junk cause I’m down South. I’m in The A. I don’t really—I pay attention to my own shit. That shit just crazy, cuz.”

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