Calvin Klein Bacote spoke with MikeTrampeTV today (June 18) and discussed his relationship with Jay Z, his book and his endeavor to inspire the youth.

The former drug lord says that he and Jay Z met in Red Hook, Brooklyn and Jay Z then went to New Jersey with his consent. Bacote says that Jay Z didn’t reach stardom on his own and that he was greatly influenced by his mentor, Jaz-O. 

“Jaz-O had it going on,” Bacote says during the MikeTrampeTV interview. “Jay just actually took a ride with it, but I think that probably was the best thing for Jay for him to kinda like get an understanding of what the industry was about and things of that nature. But at that time when Jaz-O came out, Jay wasn’t ready for that moment. His moment came when his actual time was…Jaz-O was just trying to keep Jay away from the streets and have him more caught up into the music thing.”

Bacote’s main project right now is promoting his book, Neighborhoods Under Siege: Memoirs Of A Brooklyn Don. He says he is working on creating an audiobook version of the autobiography and that he has a movie deal for the book. Bacote says he’d like Chris Brown to portray him in the film. 

Bacote is also working with various organizations, including Guns Down Life Up, to motivate the youth and use his life story to inform kids about the street life. 

“Even if they just look at my book and take that as a guide, I would tell them to not look at any of the good things in my life,” Bacote says. “Look at all the bad things and maybe that might steer them in the right direction.

“It’s not about me,” he adds. “It’s not about my legacy. It’s not about who I am. Really, it’s about me reinventing myself to who I am right now. If people caught up with who I used to be, that’s one thing, though but and if that’s what it takes for me to capture your attention, then I’m fine with that, but my whole goal right now at this point is to kinda like help these kids understand what the dark side of life can really be maybe they might not take it to as much thinking that it’s like a video or a life that’s not real, ‘cause it’s real out here.”

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