In an interview with VladTV, Lord Jamar says the rap game has gotten soft and that 50 Cent is “the last of the real like bullies of the industry.”

“He just has me laughing,” Lord Jamar says. “He’s one of those hood dudes…I know dudes like this.”

Lord Jamar also reflects on how artists used to have power over executives through intimidation. Now, however, he says artists don’t stand up for themselves.

“I remember back in the days,” he says, “there used to be a lot of dudes running up in record labels with guns and they crew talking about, ‘Where’s my motherfucking money?’ And executives being scared to death and doing whatever the fuck they had to do.

“So now,” he continues, “it’s like they trying to get all those type of dudes out of Hip Hop. So now they’ve got these soft dudes that if they have a problem, it’s like, ‘Get the fuck outta here. I’ll pay you when I wanna fuckin’ pay you.’”

Lord Jamar says that 50 Cent is the type of person who “still might roll up to the record company with a bunch of goons and guns.”

Lord Jamar also says he was not impressed by the G-Unit reunion at Summer Jam 2014 earlier this month. 

“I don’t feel it’s an official reunion unless Game is there,” he says.

He says that the original G-Unit is 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, but adds that Game was the final piece that made G-Unit popular. After a falling out, 50 Cent said earlier this year that he will “never work with Game.”

But Lord Jamar would’ve liked the whole group to show up together.

“I like when people can have beef and then come back together,” he says. “That’s always positive. That’s always a good example.”

Lord Jamar goes on to say that the G-Unit reunion “doesn’t feel genuine.”

“It feels like somebody put up some bread and said, ‘Yo this would be a good idea if we all came together here, nigga,’” he says. “Take this paper and we gonna do this. Fuck all the bullshit. I’m ready to fuck with y’all again.”

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