While speaking with Vlad TV in a newly-published interview, Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ provided a third option when asked if his favorite producer of all time is either Dr. Dre or DJ Premier. After being asked that particular question, the Pro Era lyricist revealed that his favorite producer of all time is the late J Dilla.

Joey Bada$$, who has worked with DJ Premier on numerous occasions, reemphasized that he would even choose Dilla over Premier. He went on to credit J Dilla for creating beats that hit him right in his heart and soul, before revealing that he’ll have a beat from Dilla on his upcoming album, B4.Da.$$.

“Just because every time I hear a J Dilla beat it hits me right in my heart,” Joey Bada$$ said. “It hits me right in my soul. You feel that shit every time. And not to say you don’t feel the Premier beat the same way, but it’s something about J Dilla it’s just—I don’t know. It’s like the eerie samples or however he cut his shit up. It just hit you right in your soul.”

During his interview with Vlad TV, Joey didn’t reveal a release date for B4.Da.$$ or speak in detail on the album’s features, but he did offer a breakdown of the theme for the project.

According to the rapper, B4.Da.$$ will touch on that moment in a person’s life when they realize they can do whatever they want.

“What it is is it’s a play on my name,” he said. “And I take you basically down the path of not just my life, but the path of life of any person before them getting into their dream state. And by dream state, I mean that moment when they figure out ‘Oh, I can do whatever I want. I can do this. I can do that. I can be this. I can be that.’ You feel me? That’s what the whole B4.Da.$$ theme and concept is. It’s the soundtrack to that moment in your life. To that moment when you chasing dreams. To that moment when you just trying to get this cream.”

Joey Bada$$ did reveal that he believes B4.Da.$$ will be released before the year is up. And in a past interview, the rapper informed fans that they can “expect pure greatness” on the album.

“Definitely a few surprises,” Bada$$ said during an interview with Topman magazine in April. “But you can just expect pure greatness, you know, I’m really putting my all into this.”

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