After Slowbucks and his lawyer announced a civil investigation into the entrepreneur’s chain being stolen at Summer Jam at a press conference earlier this week, AllHipHop reports that a 50 Cent affiliate has been arrested for the crime.

Mikey Fingers, who is apparently a known member of the rapper’s entourage, was named in a since-deleted Tweet by Mike Lighty according to AllHipHop. “#ShoutOut The coward @slowbucks For Snitching On the Homie Aka Tio #MikeyFingers !!!!!” he reportedly wrote.

“These @slowbucks Cats talk about killing drugs and gangs But when the block Is flamming these be the same Cowards Snitching and pointing People Out ….. #Free my ni**a #MikeyFingers !!!!”

While Lighty’s Tweets were directed at the wrong Twitter user, Slowbucks did return with a response of his own denying responsibility on both Twitter and Instagram.

Video of the original incident is available for streaming below.

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