Prior to placing a $10,000 bet with radio personality Big Boy based on the outcome of this year’s Stanley Cup, Queens rapper 50 Cent recalled hitting the ice while appearing in Onyx’s “React” music video.

The G-Unit rapper spoke on his appearance in the video when asked about the last time he went ice-skating.

“It’s been a long time,” 50 Cent said. “It actually was the Onyx video. I had to learn for the video. I didn’t know why. I was like ‘What the—?’ I asked them to put me in the box. Like an actual [penalty box].”



In addition to his appearance in Onyx’s “React” video, 50 Cent also touched on his cooking skills, which he says he learned from those who cook for him.

“I cook baked chicken. And I’ll put mashed potatoes. And broccoli and stuff like that. I had to have them show me how to do it a few times,” he said.

50 Cent’s interview on Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood comes shortly after the rapper accomplished a number of feats this week.



He reunited onstage with G-Unit during his headlining performance at Summer Jam, released his fifth studio album Animal Ambition, and appeared at the premiere of “Power,” a new series on Starz, which he serves as executive producer of.

50 recently spoke on the show’s main character, Ghost during an interview with Rolling Stone.

“People look at Tony Montana, and they think, oh, everybody wants all the stuff he has,” he said. “No, there’s an obsession with Scarface because it’s about a guy who came up from the bottom and he made it. He came here and he conquered. That’s the American dream. That’s what Ghost is after. That’s what everybody is after.”

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