With plans to release his sophomore album this summer, Meek Mill spoke with HipHopSince1987 on location in North Philadelphia about the release.

Asked about the motivation behind the title Dreams Worth More Than Money, Meek said that it represents his current stance in the industry.

“‘Cause the dreams is worth more than money,” he said. “At first we was doing it for the love of the money. Gotta make some m’s but now you know we got the money. Well, I got the money, and right now my other niggas is trying to touch them m’s too. I’m trying to be one of the best now on some competitional shit too at the same time. First it was really all about the money. Now that I got some money…dreams worth more than my money.”

Describing the features on the album, Meek said that he his usual support cast will appear. He also relayed hopes to get several other big-name artists on the tracklist.

“You can expect the Chasers on it,” he said. “Just everybody. The hottest niggas in the game. Trying to get Hov on my shit, Rihanna on my shit, Drake on my shit, whoever the best. Kendrick. I want to spit with the best and only work with the best of the best. And the people that fuck with me. If I don’t fuck with you then I don’t want to do no song with you. If you don’t fuck with me I don’t wanna do no song with you. Fuck you. That’s how we rocking.”

Speaking specifically about his relationship with Puff Daddy, Meek Mill explained feeling like the mogul sees himself in him.

“Puff just a fucking G,” he said. “He like being around real, young G’s. I’ma tell you, I been on jets with Hov, I done been busting bottles with Baby, on missions with Puff. They just respect the young niggas that they see them in when they was younger. I’m gonna be one of the next young niggas to touch that hundred mil.”

Vaguely referencing his recent lawsuit against the City of Philadelphia, Meek went on to criticize being bothered by police in his hometown.

“This is what I don’t understand,” he said. “If you come from nothing and you make some money, which is like you got like a 90% chance of not doing, if one person make it to that, how the fuck the cops in the neighborhood trying to bring that down? Picture me selling a drug. I bust power moves. We make million dollar moves man. I pay taxes. I pay for the cop taxes, for schools and shit like that. I donate. Leave the nigga alone that donates. You don’t fuck with a nigga that donate. I never knew of how the cops could try to bring a nigga down when you out here doing something. I got a two year-old fucking son. He don’t wanna see me in jail.”

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