With a planned battle between Math Hoffa and Dizaster confirmed for KOTD’s BOLA card, Daylyt told VladTV that the rappers should should skip words and use the occasion to fight out their disagreement.

“I don’t think that match is booked for a battle,” Daylyt said. “I personally don’t think it’s booked for them to even battle. We all know that these motherfuckers have been talking about fighting for the last, how long? ‘You a bitch.’ ‘You a pussy.’ ‘You a bitch.’ ‘Prove it to me.’ So I don’t wanna see ya’ll rap. I don’t wanna see ya’ll rap not one bit. Get in the ring and start swinging soon as ya’ll get in the ring. Ya’ll clearly, clearly been talking about fighting for the last 13 months. Get in the ring and fight, I don’t care about rapping.”

Last month, HipHopDX interviewed Dizaster prior to a confirmed battle against Math Hoffa. 

“I can definitely get bigger matchups than Math,” Dizaster said. “For me [battling Math] makes sense because me and him have history. I don’t like him.

“All we’re tryna do is rap, though,” Dizaster added. “This shit’s been happening all day today. We’ve been going back and forth on Twitter. At first it was like, ‘I’ll see you in Cali, dog.’ Now he texts me like, ‘Yo, go hit up [Poison Pen].’ He’s tryna set up a battle on some small shit with his friends in New York because he’s so scared he won’t even get on King Of The Dot. It’s crazy.”

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