In a new interview clip released by VladTV, battle rapper Hollow Da Don offers his thoughts on the URL NOME 4 event card scheduled for June 7.

While speaking about many of the card’s matchups, Hollow shied away from any predictions surrounding Reed Dollaz’s performance.

“If I had to put my money I gotta go with John John [Da Don],” Hollow said of the matchup. “Just off the fact I ain’t seen Reed. I don’t know. That’s what I’m saying, you could never bet on a nigga you ain’t seen. How does that make sense? That’s what bothers me about how people saying Joe Budden’s gonna beat me. I understand if you’re a Joe Budden fan and a Rap fan, but if you a Battle fan, how could you say that? If you never seen him? That’s what I’m saying about John John and Reed. If I had to bet I’d definitely go with John John. But I can’t wait to see what this nigga Reed brings. That’s real rap.”

During the interview, Hollow also spoke about favoring DNA in a battle against Ill Will and feeling like the NOME 4 card features too many battles.

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