Fresh off a battle against Prez Mafia, rapper DNA is now scheduled to battle Ill Will at URL’s NOME 4 event in New York next month.

Sitting down with VladTV for a pre-battle breakdown, DNA detailed feeling like his opponent is the true underdog and explained why Ill Will sometimes lean too heavily on his freestyle ability.

“I try to tell people: Ill Will is a dude that can freestyle,” DNA said. “But he freestyles ‘cause he has to. I freestyle because I want to. That’s the big difference. I just say if we gon’ be fair be fair. I feel like I can’t play with Ill Will and at the same I don’t think Ill Will can play with me. His B-Magic performance was good but it was sloppy. His shit is not put together the right way. I’ve done this. I’ve been on every NOME except for 2. I’ve been on three NOME’s. I’ma be on three out of four Summer Madness [events]. This is another day in the office to me. This crowd is gonna be the craziest he’s ever been in front of. I just think neither one of us can play…It goes both ways.”

Earlier in the interview, DNA described his view of Ill Will’s Summer Madness 3 performance.

“He’s a good opponent but to me—this is just me personally, it’s tough to say,” DNA said. “On Summer Madness 3, I don’t count that. It wasn’t Summer Madness madness. Summer Madness 1 and 2 had about two thousand people in there. Summer Madness 3 had about 800. That’s still good for him to perform in front of that crowd but he choked in front of 800. Countless times, stumbling, looking sloppy. So when people go, ‘He’s a formidable opponent.’ At the same time they tell me I can’t play with them, I hope they understand he can’t come battling DNA stumbling and choking.”

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