Speaking with VladTV about Battle Rap in general and his planned match-up against Joe Budden more specifically, Hollow Da Don said he goes back and forth about who he thinks is the best emcee in Slaughterhouse.

“The crazy thing about Slaughterhouse, when they first got together and shit for their first album, that’s how I knew they were wild nice,” he said. “I used to switch up who I thought was the best. Damn, I don’t wanna say this ‘cause it gon’ seem like I’m saying this ‘cause I’m battling him. But Joe Budden came in last most of the time. He just ain’t flip his shit up sometimes on certain records how they was flipping their shit up. At one point, I thought Joe Budden was the best still. At first it was Royce, I was like, ‘Oh, Royce is the best.’ Then I was like, ‘Nah, Crooked I the best.’ Then I was like, ‘Joell’s the best.’ Then I was like, ‘Joe’s the best.’ Honestly, in a battle, I think who would fare the best is probably—it’s hard to say ‘cause all them niggas is nice, son.”

During the interview, Hollow also detailed his opinion on who would win in a card pitting Slaughterhouse emcees against URL battlers. While he agrees with Norbes that the Slaughterhouse emcees would fall short, he also gave some alternative match-ups while speaking with VladTV.

“Like Norbes said though, I don’t think nobody would win on their side,” he said. “I think somebody would win a round. I think it would be a close battle. I don’t know. It depends on who you put against who. I think Crooked I against Ill Will, I don’t know. It depends on the matchups honestly.”

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