Giving his take on the now famous Jay Z and Solange elevator altercation, Charlamagne Tha God reacted to Jay Z’s handling of the situation in a recent interview with VladTV.

“I mean the Jay Z Solange fight, all it did was reinforce what I already knew in that Jay Z is the coolest, calmest, most patient, strategic guy we’ve probably ever seen in Hip Hop,” he said. “It’s a lot of dudes I know—matter fact, it’s not one dude I know who hasn’t said, ‘If that was me’ they wouldn’t have knocked her ass out. If that was me I’d have a knocked her ass out. I’d have choked her. I’d have did something. For him just to show us the Tae Bo I guess that Nas said he had learned back in the day and blocking all them blows was dope. It showed a lot of patience man. It’s funny ‘cause I always say, Jay Z showed a whole generation of dudes how to move and probably doesn’t even know it. We raised on Jay Z. Just to see him in that situation not lose his cool was dope. And it shows that he’s really from the street ‘cause he’s probably been in worst situations. He knew that wasn’t no threat. ‘This my little sister swinging on me.’ He really supposed to beat her up? Beat the shit out of her? No.”

Charlamagne went on to criticize what he says is a double standard in the media’s reaction.

“It brought up the good conversation of double standards because if that was the other way around, Jay Z would have been public enemy #1 right now,” he said. “Every sports agent in America would have been on ESPN saying he’s a terrible sports agent and nobody should sign with him ‘cause he puts his hands on women. A lot of his endorsements [and] people would probably be separating themselves right now. He definitely be getting charges pressed on him. But when a woman hits on men it’s like…a joke, ‘Oh, Solange beat up Jay Z.’ Solange didn’t beat up Jay Z. Or yeah, he had it coming.”

Asked to speculate on what may have motivated Solange’s outburst, Charlamagne explaining feeling like it was probably of little significance.

“I think it was probably something so light,” he said. “I really think she probably was in the party wilding. I’m just going off what I read in the Daily News, how they say she almost got into it with Rachel Roy or whatever. I think she was in the party wilding. And Jay either checked her in front of some people, probably told her something like, ‘Yo, act like a mom.’ You know what I mean? Or, ‘That’s why we don’t bring you nowhere.’ Just something light and she spazzed out.

“Or it could have been she might have misconstrued something,” he went on. “She might have seen Jay talking to a chic and thought it was too much. Who knows? I guarantee whatever it was it was so light. But you never know with women. She’s a cancer I’m a cancer. We emotional people. We tend to get in our own way if we don’t police ourselves. I learned a long time ago how not to get in my own way. But she probably was just in a feeling, she a woman. Women are unpredictable. If a woman ain’t never put hands on you something’s wrong with you.”

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