Sitting down with VladTV for an interview segment, Charlamagne Tha God addressed rumors that Atlanta rapper Young Thug is gay and advised the emcee to come out if that is the case.  

“I hear so many things about Young Thug,” he started. “The main thing is everybody saying he’s homosexual. I go to his Instagram. I don’t know if he’s homosexual, but I know that if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it might be a gay duck. Young Thug has his fingernails polished. He had a dress on. He be calling guys ‘baby,’ calling guys his lover. I seen him sipping the double cups with the arms crossed with his man like they at a wedding. I don’t know. I know that ‘I’m A Stoner’ and ‘Danny Glover’ jamming. I remember I did an interview here on VladTV and I told ya’ll four years ago, I said, ‘A gay rapper in Hip Hop will work. But he gotta be hood.’ Didn’t I tell ya’ll that? And from what I heard they say Young Thug about that fuck shit. They say he about that life. From what I heard.

“It’s funny because if he really is homosexual, I just think it would be hilarious,” Charlamagne added. “I think it would be something to watch because you can’t deny that the guy is making music. It would seem like such a Boondock skit. A rapper named Young Thug, who’s really about that life, a real hood dude, is gay? And his name’s Young Thug? It just seems like a character that Aaron McGruder would have created. But, I mean, his music jamming like a fool. You can’t deny ‘I’m A Stoner’ and ‘Danny Glover.’

“He doing his thing,” Charlamagne later said. “If he is gay, I think the best thing for him would be to come out. He can’t lose. You from Atlanta, you really a thug, you making jamming music, and you’re gay? Oh my god. The world is your oyster, young man. Jason Collins averaged one point, one rebound per game his whole career and now he’s got like one of the top four selling jerseys in the NBA. By the time this video come out, it might be #1. I just think that market—and I’m just thinking from a strictly marketing perspective—the gay market is wide open. The gay market is looking for heroes. It’s looking for champions. It’s looking for people to say, ‘Yeah. That’s our guy.’ There’s a lot of homosexuals in America. So, they’re looking for people that they can relate to or just people who aren’t afraid to live their truth. I’m not saying Young Thug is gay. I’m just saying that the rumors are that he is. It’s some things he does on Instagram that make everybody question it. If he is, I would just tell him [to] live his truth. ‘Live your truth so nobody can use your truth against you. Rock out and be the gay champion.’ That market is wide open.”

Last week, Birdman compared Young Thug’s career potential to that of well-established artists like Lil Wayne and Drake.

“I know he a big fan of Wayne,” Birdman said. “And we embrace Thug [as] our little brother…I see an opportunity to help him change not just his life, [but] his family’s life, his homies’ life. And make a difference in this world. And it’s through music, something that I’m powerful in. And I wouldn’t do nothing but bless him in every way possible. I’mma do everything within my powers to make him as big as he possibly can be and want to be.”

Yesterday (May 18), HipHopDX posted a new T.I. single featuring Young Thug called “About The Money.”

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