Complex was recently able to catch up with 18-year-old Aaron “Simbaa” Howard, the Queens, New York rapper, who TMZ videotaped dropping a verse for Chicago emcee Kanye West as the wordsmith walked the streets of New York City with fiancée Kim Kardashian.

Simbaa, who says his encounter with ‘Ye earlier this month served as his second interaction with the rapper, recalled the moments leading up to his chance meeting with Kanye. Unlike the first time he encountered the G.O.O.D. Music emcee, he says his encounter with ‘Ye days ago wasn’t planned.

The up-and-coming rapper described himself as being “really, really nervous” during the exchange and revealed that it was the encouragement of a friend that led to him drop a verse for Kanye.

“To be totally honest with you it was not planned…I was with a friend of mine,” Simbaa said, while speaking with Complex. “We was going to the trains. We was gonna head home. And she said ‘My feet tired. I need to sit down.’ And then I sat down. And then I seen black Escalades in the front…So, we just sitting down and all of a sudden these Camrys and Toyotas pulled up with the camera men coming out. They was like ‘Go around front. Come around back.’ My friend’s like ‘What’s going on?’ I’m like ‘I have no idea. I have no idea.’ And all of a sudden out of the door Kanye and Kim come out…I approached him, but he wasn’t with security…He was real cool…He initiated listening. He didn’t like dismiss me. He wanted to listen. Or else I probably wouldn’t have spit at all. I would’ve just been talking for a long time, you know?”

Simbaa also detailed his encounter with Kanye two years ago in New York. The aspiring emcee says he and a friend waited five hours for the opportunity to speak with Kanye and “spit a quick 16.”

“I met him two years ago,” he said. “I was walking around Broadway and I seen his car, the Maybach…I went in front of the car. And I waited five hours with my friend, five hours. The security guards talked to me. And they said ‘Okay, Kanye West is about to come out. He knows you guys are down here. When he comes out do not approach him. If he comes up to you that’s a different story.’ I said ‘Okay.’ And then when he came out he said ‘What’s up fellas?’ I said ‘How you doing?’ That first time I didn’t tell him my name. I spit to him…I was like I just want a chance. And then he said ‘Spit a quick 16.’ And I did. That was the first encounter.”

While commenting on his most recent exchange with Kanye, Simbaa shared that the verse he spit for Kanye is from a song titled “Black,” which will be featured on an upcoming mixtape. He also dropped the second verse to the song during his interview with Complex.

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