After his much publicized rant calling out Sway Calloway and Charlamagne Tha God, Kanye West returned with another heated monologue at a performance in Newark, NJ yesterday (February 15).

After speaking at length about feeling disrespected by writers and media outlets that refer to him solely as a rapper, West took a break to address recent controversy over Drake’s Rolling Stone story in which the Nothing Was The Same artist criticized his Yeezus lyrics. “Sidebar: you keep on talking about Drake and shit and I’m gonna tell you what it is with these magazines,” Kanye said. “They always be trying to pit niggas against each other and that ain’t going down no more. So tonight it ain’t none of that, we love Drake, we love every motherfucker that put their heart into this motherfucking music. If anything, we gonna go after motherfuckers writing that negativity. Before that prints and shit like that they need to check with me and him to see if it’s okay before they get ran up in they motherfucking office. It only costs 250 to beat your ass,” he sang in an auto-tune manipulated voice.  

Kanye West Says “This Is Art” Of Yeezus Tour

The rapper’s speech began with a note on his rise as a performer. “When I came out with Late Registration, I was allowed to be an opening act for an arena show and it was an amazing experience. Then one Coachella I went to see Daft Punk right. And they just took touring to a whole other level. And I reached out to them, you know, the people that worked with them and I used the people I was doing work with. Then we created Glow In The Dark. When I did Late Registration, me and 50 Cent, we were the two biggest rap acts in the world and I had to open up for the arena acts. And now in 2013, it was three rap tours sold out in one time: Drake, Jay Z, and Yeezus,” the rapper said to a cheering crowd. “And what I’m trying to say is, ya’ll might go to like some shit like Las Vegas and see some motherfucking lights all fast, that ain’t what this is… This is art. This is Walt Disney shit.”

Kanye West Talks About Being The Son Of Educators

West returned to his previous line of comments, noting that when he is reported on in the media it’s rarely noted that is the son of educators. “So the reason I do all that genius shit I be talking is because, they’ll try to write you out the history books,” he said. “They’ll try to say that aliens made the motherfucking pyramids and knock the nose off the Sphinx. But when I look around and I look at all these tours and shit, it seems like rap motherfuckers selling the most tours and shit. So, wouldn’t it seem like every rapper is a genius? To put the words together, to relate to exactly what we’re going through today and to make that motherfucking music that you feel and you play. But when they say rapper, what they’re doing is their picturing an interchangeable nigga with some gold chains on and a red leather jacket. Not somebody that was raised by two educators, the first female, Black chair of the English Department at Chicago State University, they say the rapper, Kanye West. When they say the rapper, they not saying that to say it’s the person who designed this shit,” he said in reference to the elaborate Yeezus tour design.

Kanye West Denounces Nike, Google, And Apple Executives

The video ends with Kanye commenting on the recent release of the Yeezy II Red Octobers last week with direct criticism for the brand. “And don’t think I’m upset because I’m actually very, very happy,” he said. “The idea that those Yeezys sold out in eleven minutes, yeah that’s good for my ego. But the problem is that there’s 20,000 of ya’ll, so that’s not good for my people. And the reason I made the decision between Adidas and Nike, is because Adidas said ‘I can make more product for more people.’ I’m not here to be some type of novelty that you put in a glass box. So you could say that you’re the company that released the Yeezys and then can’t nobody get’em so you get them fake ass, all red everything else that you’re dropping. You be seeing that shit. You like fuck it, ‘I’m gonna get the Jordan part 800’s and shit. Least they all red from a distance, or if I’m in a club and it’s real dark this girl gon’ think I got on the Yeezys.’”

West went on to directly address the heads of Nike, Google, and Apple with a sung refrain. “You can’t stop my voice,” he said and sang repeatedly. Stream Kanye West’s latest rant below.

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