After Joe Budden appeared on the Angryfans Radio Show last week, Crooked I called into the podcast this week to talk about his view of his Slaughterhouse emcee’s scheduled match against Hollow Da Don.

“Well, you know, this industry is about perception a lot of times,” he said. “It’s sad to say the fans feed off perception. For him to go in there and if he take an L, depending on how bad it is, it could really tarnish his reputation and the things that he’s built up as a ‘mainstream’ artist trying to go back…He’s on TV, man. He got more access to be ridiculed. He got a major deal over here with Shady. It could make a stain or something if he went up there—which I doubt would happen—and just totally choked. Now they looking around at Shady like, ‘Okay.’ It’s a lot.

“I salute Joe for going into that arena because he doesn’t have to do that,” Crooked I added. “He stands to lose more. A lot of people think he’s gonna lose anyway.”

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