Rolling Stone has released a list of “20 Great Songs About Prison.”  

Snoop Dogg’s “Murder Was The Case” made the list.

“This Hip Hop epic follows Snoop’s character from the streets of the LBC to the California Institute for Men in Chino,” the Rolling Stone story says. “Along the way there are drive-bys, death and resurrection, deals with the Devil, weed smoke, Bible verses and ultimately, a ride on the ‘gray goose’ to prison, where Snoop finds himself in the middle of an all-out shank war.”

Snoop Dogg was featured on the late Nate Dogg’s “Never Leave Me Alone,” which is also included on the publication’s grouping.

“Framed within Nate Dogg’s 1998 G-Funk ballad about an O.G. torn between a life of love and a life of crime, Snoop delivers an insightful verse from the prisoner’s perspective,” the item says. “‘Somebody was naughty when they snitched on me and the judge just sentenced me to do about a century,’ Snoop says, later fretting about whether his baby boo is being faithful on the outside.”

Nas’ “One Love,” which was released in 1994 and is included on Illmatic, is also featured on the list.

“‘One Love’ is a letter from the rapper to a buddy that’s in prison, updating him on what’s been going on in Queensbridge since his bid started,” Rolling Stone says. “In one verse, Nas both congratulates his friend on the birth of his child and shares some bad news that his lady is messing around. It’s harrowing information, but Nas at least leaves half a hundred in the prisoner’s commissary to make it go down a little better.”

“Black Steel in the House of Chaos,” a 1988 song from Public Enemy, also made the list.

“A detailed odyssey about a draft dodger and a massive jailbreak,” Rolling Stone says of the song. “After a correctional officer falls asleep on the job, our protagonist secures the C.O.’s ‘black steel’ and the plan goes into action, leaving a trail of bodies and the titular chaos in its wake.”

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