Speaking with TMZ at an event in Los Angeles yesterday (April 19), Bay Area emcee Too Short was asked about the marijuana enthusiast holiday 4/20 coinciding with the birthday of Austrian-born Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Responding to the question, Too Short explained feeling like the German dictator “got his” by the end of his life.

“I’m not necessarily a Hitler hater,” Too Short said initially. “I know what went down. But as in time and era and where we’re at now, I think Hitler got his. He is where he’s supposed to be. What happened was supposed to happen. The Germans didn’t take over the world and wipe out all the Jews and the Blacks and everybody else so it’s cool.”

Later distancing the holiday from the Nazi leader’s birthday, Too Short went on to say “Hitler can share 4/20.”

“Hopefully Hitler was some kind of a cannabis user and he earned the motherfucking pleasure of being born on a great day,” he said. “But Hitler was gone before that even came along so it can’t be associated with him. It’s not even a part of that.”

Earlier in the interview Too Short cited his Bay Area background as the motivation behind celebrating the 4/20 spirit every day of the year.

“We celebrating 4/20 today,” he said yesterday. “Today is 4/19, we celebrated yesterday. I just left Denver, the whole Cannabis Cup stuff going on. I performed up there. I’m from the Bay. 4/20 man. 4:20 PM and [4:20] AM, not just the day.”

Too Short reportedly performed at a free concert in Denver on Friday (April 18). The rapper was just one of many performers during the week including appearances from Ice Cube, Cheech and Chong, and more.

Earlier this year Too Short announced a since-released 11 track LP entitled Weird Science. Released via the San Francisco imprint MalLabel Music the album was released on March 25 and features one original track and 10 remixes featuring rapper Oh Blimey.

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