Apparently fueled by an exclusive HipHopDX interview with Dizaster that was published this week, Math Hoffa seems to have responded to being called out to battle and exchanged words with the West Coast rapper on Twitter.

Hoffa also posted a similar message on his Instagram account with the hashtags #battlerap and #goofies

In an interview with DX, Dizaster detailed feeling like he can get bigger matchups than Math Hoffa, but wanted to settle a years-running personal feud.

“For me, [battling Math] makes sense because me and him have history,” Dizaster said. “I don’t like him. It’s weird because I want to like the dude, but he just gives you 1,000 reasons why not to all the time. Right now, he’s supposed to come to LA and battle. He said he was gonna battle me. He got banged on by a bunch of motherfuckers. Then shit changed and now he doesn’t want to battle because he’s the big bully in the yard until the bigger guy shows up and he doesn’t want to play anymore. Now he wants to go home and take his fucking ball with him.

“All we’re tryna do is rap, though,” Dizaster continued. “This shit’s been happening all day today. We’ve been going back and forth on Twitter. At first it was like, ‘I’ll see you in Cali, dog.’ Now he texts me like, ‘Yo, go hit up [Poison Pen].’ He’s tryna set up a battle on some small shit with his friends in New York because he’s so scared he won’t even get on King Of The Dot. It’s crazy.”

Responding to the Tweet that Hoffa sent yesterday, Dizaster seemed to try and instigate an official matchup.

Responding to another user on Twitter, Dizaster also went on to denigrate his possible opponent for asking for too much money to battle in the KOTD league.

This Twitter exchange isn’t the first time the rappers have taken to the social media site to challenge and insult each other. In 2012, Dizaster incited a response when he called Math Hoffa “washed up” when asked about allegedly backing out of a planned matchup.

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