DJ Paul says that Da Mafia 6ix has a collaborative album in the works. 

“We’re dropping an album in August with Insane Clown Posse,” DJ Paul says during an interview with Hip Hop Terrordome. “Then we’re supposed to start the tour around August as well to promote the album.”

Da Mafia 6ix is in the midst of the Triple 6ix Sinners Tour. The jaunt is to support DJ Paul, Gangsta Boo, Lord Infamous, Crunchy Black and Koopsta Knicca’s 6ix Commandments mixtape. 

The tour follows the December 2013 of passing of Lord Infamous. Lord Infamous, who is DJ Paul’s brother, is the one who encouraged DJ Paul to form Da Mafia 6ix. 

In the Hip Hip Terrordome article, DJ Paul also discussed the South’s status in Rap.

“Southern Hip Hop is here to stay,” he said. “Southern Hip Hop has been kicking ass since like ’97. It’s great because we got some other legends and good guys who help us keep this thing alive. Its great. I don’t see anything getting rid of Southern Hip Hop because everyone sounds like the South now.”

The remaining Triple 6ix Sinners Tour itinerary is as follows: 

Apr 13  Fresno, CA @ Strummers

Apr 18  Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven

Apr 20  Albany, OR @ The Grange Hall

Apr 26  Salt Lake City, UT @ Lofi Cafe

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