DJ Paul says that the forthcoming Da Mafia 6ix album will be arriving March 2014.

The Memphis rapper-producer said on his Twitter account Thursday (September 26) that his group with Gangsta Boo, Crunchy Black, Koopsta Knicca and Lord Infamous will release the single “Go Hard” with Yelawolf on Tuesday (October 1) and a video the following week.

DJ Paul also says in the tweet that a mixtape sampler from the group will be released on Halloween.

DJ Paul’s Instagram account also included a Da Mafia 6ix image.

During an exclusive interview with HipHopDX in June, DJ Paul said that Da Mafia 6ix was not a Three 6 Mafia reunion because Juicy J is not part of Da Mafia 6ix. 

“I like to look at it or call it just a new project [or] group, it’s a new group, a totally new group—for the most part—and it’s a new project,” DJ Paul said to HipHopDX. “J’s not in it, so it can’t be Three 6 Mafia because one of the key members not in it. So I just look at it as a new project that I’m taking on [or] a new group that just happen to be with people that I’ve known for most of my life and that I trust, so that’s why it don’t have the Three 6 Mafia name. In actuality, it’s kind of a Three 6 Mafia reunion, but I don’t want to call it [that]. I’d call it a reunion of members of the Mafia, the members who I brought in the group. These are all the people that I brought into the group, these are people that I went to school with or blood-related to. So, it’s a reunion of the members that I brought into our clique.”

Juicy J, who is promoting his Stay Trippy album, has said in recent interviews that he’s open to doing another Three 6 Mafia project.

In June, DJ Paul said to HipHopDX that he and Juicy J are indeed on good terms.

“We still talk,” DJ Paul said. “But no, I’m not on his album and we haven’t did nothing musically. But we still talk because we still own all the companies together, we still get big checks together, so we still talk business stuff but I’m not on [Juicy J’s Stay Trippy] album.”

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