For fans of Chicago rapper Kanye West, the first hint at what the wordsmith’s upcoming album may sound like may have come thanks to an interview featuring G.O.O.D. Music producer Evian Christ. The beatsmith, who produced the Yeezus record “I’m In It,” spoke on Kanye, his style of production, and more during a recent interview with self-titled magazine.

While comparing ‘Ye to other artists, Evian revealed that the rapper contacted him recently requesting a beat that he says “sounds a bit like Otis Redding, a bit like Mobb Deep.”

“Kanye is the one dude who’s like, ‘This is not experimental enough. This is too poppy. Make something else,’” Evian said, according to “The other guys are like, ‘We don’t get it.’ Kanye is a dream to work with. No one else gives you that level of creative freedom. When he wants you to work to a blueprint, the blueprint is: ‘Don’t make a rap beat. Anything but a rap beat’…I’ve got to get home and write an Otis Redding–style beat for him. He e-mailed last night. He wants something that sounds a bit like Otis Redding, a bit like Mobb Deep.”

Evian later stated that he’s the producer artists turn to when they’re attempting to be “progressive and cool.” He added that in the end they’re more than likely going to go with a record produced by an artist like Dr. Luke when narrowing down cuts for an album.

“[Artists] hit up guys like me because they’re partly invested in this idea of being progressive and cool and this resurgence of independent producers,” he said. “When it comes down to picking 10 songs for an album, they’re always going to go with the Pharrell hook that’s produced by Dr. Luke, not some weird six-minute jam that I’ve made. It’s hard to close out these records.”

Following the release of self-titled magazine’s interview, Evian post a message to his Twitter account stating that, “only ye knows what next record is gonna sound like.”

Aside from Evian Christ’s comments and news that Kanye West has postponed his Australian tour to work on his project, no other specific details in regards to the rappers upcoming studio, which he hopes to release this summer, have been revealed.

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