Regardless of their back-and-forth public status, Ma$e and wife Twyla Betha have filed for divorce according to a recent article from TMZ. After an initial filing in January, Ma$e later dropped the case before refiling after his wife filed for legal separation in San Diego.

TMZ reports that Ma$e’s divorce documents cite a separation dating back to May of 2012 despite the couple’s successful series of marriage counseling books apparently released in the same time period. The couple has released at least two books in a series called “What Do You Do After I Do?”  Both sides are reportedly filing for physical custody of their children and Twyla is apparently seeking spousal and child support as well.

The news is only the latest in a string of stories that position Ma$e between his duties as pastor and founder of El Elyon International Church and Mason Betha Ministries and his role as a rapper. Late in March, TMZ reported that some of his church’s attendees have complained about their pastor’s return to Hip Hop, specifically citing his appearance on the Remo The Hitmaker song “Tricky Situation.” On the song, Ma$e raps, “I get the honeymoon, you marry her” and “Too bad I never keep my word.”

Earlier this year, Ma$e appeared on radio station 107.5 FM in Detroit and addressed his possible rift with rapper J. Cole. “I like J. Cole too, when he’s not taking shots at me,” he said when asked about newer artists he enjoys. “I saw him one day, I was going to hit him, but I was too grown to be knocking light-skinned people out. But I really like him as an artist. When I saw him I was like, ‘Oh he a kid, he don’t get it [laughs].”

Ma$e is reportedly working on his next album, Now We Even. According to the former Bad Boys hit-maker, the project will be influenced by his early freestyles and songs. 

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