On Friday, March 21, rapper Jem Cretes from Delaware released a new song called “Hustle 101.” According to TDE rapper ScHoolboy Q, the track, which was released in promotion of an upcoming Cretes’ project, featured his verse used without permission and culled from an old song that Cretes did not have the authority to mine. Nonetheless, on numerous websites the song has been posted as a new and original collaboration, something Q promised retaliation for on behalf of the entire TDE camp.

Firing off a series of Tweets yesterday morning (March 22), Q publicly claimed he never recorded the verse for Jim Cretes’ use.

Shortly after, Q Tweeted that he was “back to being Happy” but that “niggaHz jus burnt.”

Cretes, who has collaborated with TDE previously as a director for videos like Kendrick Lamar’s 2009 song “My Name Is Kendrick” responded with a series of Tweets himself, claiming that the featured verse was used fairly and with ScHoolboy Q’s prior knowledge and approval. The Delaware artist went on to accuse Q of lying in his music and being a “fake hustla.”

The Cretes’ directed Kendrick Lamar video for “My Name Is Kendrick” is available below.

Last month, ScHoolboy Q released his Oxymoron album. The release was awarded three-and-a-half out of a possible five stars by HipHopDX. “In 2014 it’s not realistic to expect a major label album to be exclusively comprised of the dark material found on Oxymoron’s stellar moments; that would essentially give you Joe Budden’s Mood Muzik,” DX’s review says. “But the handful of ill fitting songs presumably positioned as singles tarnish Q’s overall presentation…Given TDE’s ever-increasing appeal, Oxymoron isn’t quite an elite offering, but it meets the difficult task of attracting casual fans without straying too far from the formula that attracted ScHoolboy Q’s core audience.”

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