For Long Beach, California rapper Vince Staples, those at the Carson, California-based label, Top Dawg Entertainment, provided a breath of fresh air for a city he says is filled with perpetrators. Vince spoke on those at TDE during an interview with Vlad TV after being asked how he was able to link up with the group of rappers.

According to the West Coast emcee, he met the rappers at TDE through Earl Sweatshirt, but became cool with them after spending some time at fellow rapper Mac Miller’s house. Vince also touched on the similarities he shares with TDE emcee ScHoolboy Q.

“I met them through Mac though,” Vince Staples said. “Well, actually nah, I met them through Earl at first. But I really got cool with them through Mac. Cause I was at Mac house…We was at Mac house and yeah, niggas just seen potential or whatnot. So, they was fucking with me. I’m a lot younger than a lot of them mothafuckas. And we kinda come from the same shit. Like me and ScHoolboy—we got a lot of similar shit…I fuck with them heavy. It’s just good to see actual mothafuckas from out here doing something. Because it’s a lot—we got a lot of perpetrators in L.A. Like you feel me? It was a point in time like before them I didn’t believe nobody but YG. Cause I seen that nigga in real life before…Besides that I never heard of none of these niggas before they came out. None of them.”

During Vince’s conversation with Vlad TV, Chicago rapper Chief Keef was also discussed. The Long Beach lyricist expressed his belief that despite making music he says causes people to want to harm others, Chef Keef’s music is needed.

He later revealed that artists like ScHoolboy Q are also needed to encourage people to improve themselves.

“The sincerity in ScHoolboy music to me just comes from the actuality of the situation,” he said. “You gotta really think about it like…A lot of my family and shit is from the hood or whatever. So, a lot of my people they still on that shit. You feel me? And they don’t give a fuck about what I’m doing…I still be kicking it with the homies and like that Chief Keef shit and all that shit really put niggas in a different mind state, bro. Because when a nigga that’s actually ‘bout some shit can see somebody else is actually ‘bout some shit. And no matter where they from. No matter what they on that shit gon’ make them feel a certain type of way. And you need shit like Chief Keef, but that shit really be making niggas wanna go kill niggas. For real. But then you need shit like ScHoolboy or shit like that that’s really gonna have mothafuckas really trying to better they self in life.”

Vince Staples’ interview with Vlad TV comes days after the rapper released his Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2 mixtape. The 10-track project includes guest appearances from Jhene Aiko and James Fauntleroy.

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