Vince Staples says that he can discuss his parents’ flaws in his music and not hate them.

“Niggas hit me on the internet like, ‘Vince Staples hates his mom,’ and shit like that,” Vince Staples says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “My parents is the closest mothafucka’s I’ve ever had to me, even my dad. Even though my dad was only around for a certain [amount] of time due to being in jail and having to live his life, and little shit I had to deal with when we was younger.”

The Long Beach, California rapper details his relationship with his father on “Nate,” a cut featured on his Shyne Coldchain II mixtape that was released today (March 13). On the Scoop DeVille-produced song, Vince Staples discusses how he looked up to his father, even though he beat his mother and was incarcerated.

“That’s really how I view my relationship with my father,” Vince Staples says. “That’s really how I look at my father. I never looked at my father like he was wrong. That’s a lot of misconception with a lot of people. Growing up how I grew up, mothafuckers often would say, ‘Oh, yeah. It’s no fathers. It’s just deadbeats’ and shit like that. In reality its just a bunch of mothafuckas who never had something trying to figure out how to do it. If you aint never prepared a fucking meal before, the first time you cook, probably gonna be kind of shitty. That’s just how it is. Even if you do have a dad or don’t have a dad out here, nine times out of 10, the mothafucka is trying, whether he’s incarcerated or whether your father passed away. It’s more often that than, ‘I just don’t want to take care of my kids.’”

Vince Staples says that modern society’s view of father figures has been shaped, at least in part, by entertainment.

“You got Tyler Perry movies and shit, the whole ‘Niggas Ain’t Shit’ movement that they be passing around, the ‘I Don’t Want No Scrubs’ type shit,” Vince Staples says. “People ain’t gon’ to go there. Ain’t nobody gonna knock on a muthafucka door in the hood and be like, ‘Hey, what’s up. I’m trying to look at your family structure.’ But they know its a big-ass percentage of Black men in jail, so obviously they’re not at home. A lot of black men died, so they not at home. Same in the Hispanic community. Same in the ghetto everywhere, no matter what color a muthafucka is. It’s just people taking other people’s words for it and those people probably haven’t even been there themselves. They’re looking at a sheet of paper, not knowing its could be a mothafucka who got life in jail who see they kids every weekend.”

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