Leading up to one of Battle Rap league GO-Rilla Warfare’s biggest cards to date, battle rapper Big Kannon sat down with VladTV to talk about his upcoming feature matchup against Big T and the growth of GO-Rilla Warfare up to this point.

Asked about his opponent, the Chicago native compared their abilities to deliver on-the-spot punchlines in a battle. “I honestly feel like Big T and me got some of the same traits,” Big Kannon said. “There are some things that we do that are the same, if you look at it, he punches very well. He’s very witty with the punches, and he’s personal with him, most of the time. That’s something that I credit myself with, the fact that I also can be punchline-esqe and witty enough and take angles and everything. What separates me and Big T is maybe the rate that it comes out. He’s more…slower paced. But in terms of talent-wise, I don’t think lyrically that we are too far from each other. That’s why I think that’s it’s gonna be a crazy battle.”

Referencing Big T’s use of sound effects in his battles, Kannon explained feeling like his opponent is entering the battle over-confidently. “Right now I think it’s arrogance,” Kannon said in response to a question about his opponent’s biggest weakness. “Right now it’s arrogance, because, alluding back to the sound effect shit, you gotta say something sometimes. You can’t just think that ‘boo boo baka’ shit is gon’ win a round. You can’t just ‘boo boo baka’ me…You gotta say something. That’s one thing I don’t fuck with.”

Speaking on the upcoming March 29 card that features Big Kannon and Big T as the headline bout, Big Kannon and Mz. Gracie detailed their hopes for GO-Rilla Warfare as a Midewest mainstay. “I think we have the potential,” said Mz. Gracie, Kannon’s sister and the league’s co-founder. “I think we can be as big as we wanna be as long as we stay consistent and about our business. I think this March 29 card is really gonna set this home for our company as a whole…We don’t do the comparisons, the fans already is gonna do that. Already we’ve been compared to UW. To me UW had the biggest card this year. I think the Loaded Lux and Hollow [Da Don] is the biggest battle for the next two to five years. I just appreciate them appreciating us and what we’re doing at the moment. Even to be compared is dope.”

Big Kannon added that he hopes that the new upstart can consolidate the scene within the region. “Me personally, looking at GO-Rilla Warfare, it’s not even about ranking us with anybody,” he said. “It’s mainly about that we just want a voice for the Midwest. We got a lot of leagues out there, shout out to every league that’s out there that’s doing their thing, we applaud ’em all. But we want a strong, resounding voice to be in the Midwest, and that what GO-Rilla Warfare is or that’s what we want it to get to. With the March card, looking at everything else, I think we’re doing well to get [there].”

At the end of the interview, breaking down his expectations for the headline battle, Kannon predicted a 2-1 win in his favor. “It’s gonna be 2-1,” he said. “I don’t think you could have a 3-0 classic unless it’s a classic bodybag which I don’t expect for neither one of us to get. That’s how dope I think the both of us are and how much Chicago riding for us. I don’t see it being a bodybag for either one, but I give it 2-1, definitely my way. He’s not gonna win.”

GO-Rilla Warfare’s upcoming “The Crown” event is scheduled to take place on March 29 in Markham, Illinois. The feature battles are listed below.







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