Rapper AV, a former associate of the battle rap group Crack City that included Dizaster and Daylyt, recently sat down with VladTV for an interview about his own history as a battle rapper and his thoughts on the scene more generally. 

During the interview, AV described first meeting Dizaster as an opponent in a two-on-two battle match-up. “I was about to battle Dizaster, my homeboy, was beefing with him, and this [other guy] didn’t like me,” AV said. “So, they put us on teams. They put me and my boy on one team and Dizaster and him on one. Dizaster, that’s my boy, he just leaned over and said, ‘Hey, don’t talk about me I won’t say nothin’ about you.’ I was like, ‘Alright, I got you. As long as you don’t say nothing about me, we good.’ We ended up putting it together.”

AV Describes Relationship With Daylyt And $100,000 Gift From Fan

AV also broke down his connection with Daylyt while speaking with VladTV. “I grew up with the boy,” he said. “I knew he crazy. He used to be at my house every day, in Compton. He knows what’s up.”

Asked if knew about Daylyt’s plans for a face tattoo prior to the artist committing the act, AV said he spoke with the rapper shortly after. “He called me when he did it,” he said. “He called me at like four in the morning talking about he’s no longer locked in the Matrix. His main focus was to let me know that he has a tattoo on his face. He can’t get a job. He can’t—so that’s what he meant by no longer in the Matrix. He can do whatever he want to now. But one of his fans did send him a couple hundred thousand in his Paypal though. Yeah, some crazy shit. They sent the boy a couple hundred thousand in his Paypal. Shout outs to Daylyt. He put it up on the computer. I’m like, ‘Damn.’”

When asked if the gift was real or a hoax put on by Daylyt, AV appealed to his history with the rapper. “He does a lot of crazy shit, but stuff like that he don’t play with,” he said. “It’s crazy finding a medium between him. He does a lot of crazy shit, I just been with him so long I can tell when he lying or telling the truth.”

While on VladTV, AV also offered his thoughts on the general state of the battle rap industry, calling it “watered down.” “If you don’t have at least a little bit of reality with what you’re doing—it’s cool to be all bars and punchlines, but if we was to eliminate all this and tell the truth, who are you,” he said.

In the same line of thought, the emcee referenced his appreciation for Loaded Lux, who he thinks will beat Hollow Da Don in their upcoming match up. “And that’s why when Lux comes, you feel like the best comes,” AV says. “Because he actually has a lot of reality in his music. Like what he told Calicoe about [his] father, that’s the truth. When Mook raps, he says a lot of—’Hey, Smack called me, he said.’—and he gives you the conversation on the phone. See, that’s battle rap… I don’t wanna take nothing from Hollow. But, Hollow thinks it’s something about bars. Lux is coming in here to touch your family. It’s like it’s cool for me to kick the door down and grab you. I’m a kick the door and grab Mommy, sis.”

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