With the upcoming battle between Daylyt and 40 B.A.R.R.S. scheduled for March 8, the two emcees recently spoke together in an interview for VladTV.

The battle, which is scheduled within the female centered Queen Of The Ring league, will be the first time that Daylyt has faced a female opponent.

In their interview with VladTV, which featured plenty of trash-talk, both 40 B.A.R.R.S. and Daylyt addressed battling against a member of the opposite sex. “Clearly we have an inter-gender battle,” 40 B.A.R.R.S. said, “but the real-ass nigga is on this side and the fucking lady’s on that side. So, he’s gonna get fucked up Ike Turner style.”

When asked if he would feel different about losing to 40 B.A.R.R.S. than he would about losing to a male opponent, Daylyt responded in the negative. “No, because she would beat 90 percent of the boys in battle rap,” he said. “This is not a gender thing. When we’re talking about words, gender has nothing to do with it. If it was actual boxing, and then she beat me up, that’s different ‘cause I’m naturally supposed to be stronger than her…but this is words. Her brain is no different from my brain. So, whoever can come up with the best material, may the best man win.”

40 B.A.R.R.S. also addressed Daylyt’s skill as an emcee alongside his consistent use of theatrical antics. “He’s entertaining,” she said, “like when you go to the circus or you watch a funny movie on Comedy Central or Kevin Hart…he’s fucking funny. So, people like that kinda shit…That’s why people fuck with him, so I’m gonna fuck him up for that reason, ‘cause people fuck with me ‘cause I really do this. You know, I bring them bars every time.”

40 B.A.R.R.S. Says Daylyt Has A “Lack Of Bars”

40 added that she has watched hours of footage of Daylyt battling and again referenced his use of “gimmicks.” “You have bars sparingly,” she said to Daylyt. “I think that you compensate for your lack of bars with those gimmicks and your reaches.”

When asked if she was concerned about her opponent using any antics in their upcoming battle, the Boston emcee claimed that Daylyt will need to use his lyrics to walk away with the win. “Everybody keeps trying to get me to be afraid of that for some reason,” she said, “but I don’t feel like he’s going to. If he does, [he’ll] do what he does best, but I don’t think that’s he’s going to. I think that he is smart enough to know that he needs to bring bars and he needs to try and come fuck me up, he can’t afford to play around with me. Hopefully he knows that.”

Nonetheless, Daylyt did raise the possibility of kissing 40 on the lips during the battle. “So I gotta question, what would you do if I’m rapping [and] talking to you, kiss you on the lips?” he asked.

“You’re gonna have to beat me up and I’ll probably hit you,” she responded. When asked if she would participate in his “gimmicks,” 40 said that not doing so might hurt her chances at a win. “Why not?” she said. “I’m gonna win. I’m not stupid. That’s what everybody else fucks up. I’m not gonna lay down and let your gimmick roll over me. I’m gonna incorporate that shit into my performance as well.”

In 2013, Daylyt took most of his clothes off during a battle against Dialect in London. “Y’all wanna hear some bars?” he rapped before stripping down, “Well, I don’t got none / I only came to London so I could get ass naked with a shotgun / Slow it down, I’ll hit you in your ass, neck, head with the shotgun / What, I got a put it in real life or somethin’? Nigga, I’m ’bout to get ass naked with the shotgun.”

In October of 2013, Daylyt spoke to HipHopDX about getting naked at the battle in the UK’s Don’t Flop league. “I said, ‘Okay, every fucking person that walks past me in this building keeps saying, ‘Daylyt, “Ass Naked with a Shotgun.” That video was dope.’ Literally, everybody that walked past me said that. So I just kept putting two and two together. I said, ‘Okay, boom, boom. I think I’m going to do it. I think I’m going to fucking get naked. I’m going to do it. I know for a fact. I know for a fact right now. I can’t even remember my fucking second round. It won’t come to me. I can’t remember. I didn’t write it down or nothing. I know for a fact, I’m going to do this.’ But I figured, ‘Okay, boom, I’m going to put this shit on.’ I start creating a fucking thong. I tie my fucking phone charger around my waist. Then I take one of my shoe strings out. That’s how I came out of my shoes so easy. So I take one of my shoe strings out. Then I tie it around my napkin and then I pretty much make the homemade hammock thong.”

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