On Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ The Heist record “Same Love,” Macklemore raps about gay and lesbian rights, and according to battle rapper Daylyt it’s the Seattle emcee’s appeal to gay people that assisted in securing four Grammy awards for the duo last month.

Daylyt spoke extensively on gays and their ability to relate to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ music during an interview with Vlad TV. The battle emcee also shared his belief that at one point Lil Wayne attempted to break into the gay world.

“Gay shit is taking over the world. And all he [Macklemore] rap about is gay shit,” Daylyt said. “He’s with the gays. And we know this. Bro, you do anything for—like Wayne was trying to sneak into the gay world. He was trying to stay hood, but trying to grasp that gay fan base. Them mothafuckas are in the billions, bro. Gay people are in the billions. And Macklemore does stuff for gay people…Macklemore does stuff for gay people, bro. And when they put them votes in, a billion of them rainbow mothafuckas was tallying up…All that colorful shit was like ‘Nigga, this nigga’s winning.’ Bro, that’s what it is, man. Like we talking about Hip Hop. Best Hip Hop album. And we got a nigga saying and a nigga rapping about ‘It’s okay to be gay’ won the best Hip Hop album. It’s ugly, man.”

Unlike Kendrick Lamar, who referred to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ various Grammy wins as “well deserved,” Daylyt says he would have reacted in a more “ballistic” manner if he lost against the duo at the Grammys.

“Yo Kendrick, you my nigga. You know that,” he said. “We was supposed to clap that shit up, my nigga. I would have went ballistic in that bitch…I’m Kanye of this shit. If I was sitting there and mothafuckas was like ‘Best Hip Hop award goes to Macklemore.’ I would have got up. ‘Jay Rock, you see this shit? ScHool? Oh hell nah, nigga. We up there.’ Bruh, I would have went ballistic. They would have edited all type of shit out.”

Despite Daylyt’s critique of Macklemore, he revealed that the Seattle emcee is dope, but continued to express his belief that Macklemore won a Grammy due to his relationship with the gay community.

“The thing with that is Macklemore is actually dope,” Daylyt said. “He’s not a wack rapper…Like I said I just think like him pushing the gay stuff is what helped it. I’m not gonna say that I got a lot of gay fans, but shit, after I got naked I got like almost fuckin 12,000 more followers…Niggas followed me to hate me. Niggas followed me to be like ‘Yo, you wack. But I followed you.’”

As one of battle raps more colorful emcees, Daylyt has garnered attention for his recent antics, which included stripping during a battle and dressing up as a Ku Klux Klan member at another battle.

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