With the newest single from his upcoming album released earlier this month, Wiz Khalifa recently sat down with Billboard to talk about Blacc Hollywood and working with artists like Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, and Charlie Wilson.

“The music is pretty much there for the album,” Wiz said, “it’s called Blacc Hollywood. It’s not all the way put together, but a good bit of it is finished.” Khalifa released the album’s first single, “We Dem Boyz,” in the second week of February through an exclusive Shazam premiered debut. In his interview with Billboard, the Pittsburgh emcee described his new track with a reference to his biggest hit to date. “I like ‘We Dem Boyz’ as the first single just ‘cause of the energy,” he said. “I feel like it reaches so many audiences other than just a Rap audience, sort of like how ‘Black and Yellow’ was—a big sports song, just get everybody riled up, like more of an anthem.”

Speaking about the album more generally, Khalifa confirmed that Pop star Miley Cyrus will feature on Blacc Hollywood and admitted to smoking “a ton of pot” with her. “There is a Miley [Cyrus] song on the album,” he said. “It might not be what everybody expects from me and Miley ‘cause we do like club records and fun stuff. So, the one I have for the album is completely left of that, but it’s crazy, it’s insane.” The pair have worked together previously on tracks like Mike Will Made It’s 2013 single “23.” “It’s cool as heck kicking it with Miley,” Wiz said, “she’s real fun. We ride Can-Am’s through Hollywood and we just chill. Everybody knows she smokes pot now, so I can say we smoke a ton of pot and we just kick it. Oh, her Dad’s cool as heck too, Billy Ray, that’s the homie. Her brother is a friend of mine, her little sister is super dope, she doesn’t smoke pot yet, but yeah.”

While it’s unclear if they will appear on his upcoming release, Khalifa also described working previously with Bruno Mars and meeting R&B singer Charlie Wilson at a Grammy event in Los Angeles. “I would love to do more stuff with Bruno, he hooked us up with the ‘Young, Wild, And Free’ hook, a lot of people kind of don’t remember that that’s Bruno Mars,” Wiz said. “Yeah, I would definitely meet in the middle, do some melodic stuff because he’s just crazy when it comes to everything, his whole attitude and creatively I feel like he’s real dope.” Describing his meeting Wilson, Khalifa also brought up the possibility that the veteran artist could appear on Blacc Hollywood. “I’m so happy that Uncle Charlie Wilson name dropped me man,” he said. “I bumped into Charlie at Grammy Weekend in L.A., we did an event. We just talked for like a half hour about music, about relationships and stuff like that. He was really interested in jumping on the album and even letting me write some stuff for him because I like to harmonize and do melodies and things like that. So we gonna put it together.”

Near the end of the interview the “Black And Yellow’ artist confirmed plans to bring back his Under The Influence of Music tour for a summer installment this year. “We like to keep the lineup under wraps until it’s official just so when we roll it out nothing can be changed or switched around,” he said. “But we’re working on it now and the idea is just to make it the biggest and the most fun possible. But I’ll be there.” Last year, A$AP Rocky, B.O.B., Trinidad James, and Joey Bada$$ were among the artists featured on the tour schedule.

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