Mike WiLL Made-It, Skrillex and Chance the Rapper have collaborated, according to an interview Skrillex had with XXL. During the interview, Skrillex said the opportunities to collaborate with artists like Chance and Mike WiLL have become more available in recent years. 

“The thing about it is that there are so many records that are being made right now, which is also exciting, and whether they come out tomorrow or a year from now, there’s definitely a lot of bullets in the chamber,” Skrillex said. “That’s the cool thing about it—previous to this last decade of the 2000s, it took so much to get people in the studio, managers going back and forth, who’s getting paid and this and that. And now it’s just like, people are working together collaboratively for fun, and then you see what happens afterwards. But yeah, we’re all working on projects together, for sure. There’s a lot of cool shit in the making right now.”

Some of those “cool” projects include his work with Mike WiLL, who he says he connected with. 

“It was appreciation for each other, and it was just natural,” Skrillex says of Mike WiLL. “I didn’t really know much about Mike WiLL…and then I realized he was a self-made kid. He just had his whole crew with the Eardrummas, and created this whole collective of musicians that he grew up with. And it’s the same story we have with OWSLA, my record label.” 

In October 2013, Mike WiLL spoke about working with different genres while speaking about a suburban audience

“People just want to hear good music, and that definitely includes suburban kids,” Mike WiLL said. “They don’t give a damn just as long as it sounds good. They don’t care if it’s Pop or Rap. Some people will say, ‘I don’t listen to Rap. I only listen to Rock or whatever,’ but a lot of them grow out of that shit and start listening to all types of different music. Moving around, meeting different people and learning different cultures does that.” 

Today (February 7), Jeezy and Rick Ross are set to release their “War Ready” collaboration over a Mike WiLL beat

Skrillex has collaborated with various rappers, including A$AP Rocky and Wale.  

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