Beanie Sigel was sentenced to a year in prison stemming form an April 20th incident for which he was given a year in prison, 2 years probation and pay a $25,000. Sigel was accused of leading the police on a high speed chase which led to a foot pursuit. The rapper tossed a stolen .45 semiautomatic pistol loaded with nine rounds and a search of his SUV turned up a variety of drugs.

Beanie Sigel wrote a letter asking for the mercy of the judge with respect to his mandatory sentence. “I had let myself get caught up in something,” Sigel said, referring to an addiction to drugs (which includes marijuana, Percocet and Zanex).

He still awaits trial for allegedly shooting a man in the stomach outside a Philadelphia bar and for allegedly punching a 53-year-old man in his face. This will be the second trial for the shooting with the first ending in a hung jury.