Roughly one week after Queens rapper 50 Cent stated that he would be featured on ScHoolboy Q’s upcoming album, Oxymoron, the Los Angeles rapper has revealed that Fifty will not be included on his LP.

“Yeah, man. Damn, man. I’m embarrassed for the nigga,” ScHoolboy Q said during an interview with Hot 97. “Like he’s not on my album…We cut a record, but I mean and plus he support me. Maybe he just wanted to support. You know what I mean?”

50 Cent shared the news via an Instagram post that has since been deleted. He left the following caption under the picture he posted on the social media site: “I’m on school boy Q album. We did a joint together.”

While speaking with Angie Martinez, Q informed listeners that he has recorded a couple of songs with 50 Cent and wasn’t able to find space for his collaboration with the G-Unit emcee on Oxymoron. In addition to Fifty, ScHoolboy Q revealed that E-40 was another artist he was hoping to get on his album.

“It’s a song. Like two. It didn’t make the album,” he said. “See, I don’t wanna make this whole thing—Cause 50 may have a camera set up at my mama’s house like ‘Nigga, yo mama fat.’ You know what I’m saying? You know 50 be going in, so I can’t go like—it’s nothing like that. It just didn’t make it. I honestly, I swear to you, I wish 50 Cent was on my album. That was one artist, him and E-40. It’s two people that I wish I put on my album…It’s just so many records that I have. I have to pick and choose and I felt that it didn’t fit as good as the other records I had.”

In a past interview with Vibe magazine, ScHoolboy Q doted on 50 Cent’s confidence as an artist before stating that the rapper probably saved his life due to comments he made about the rap game.

“We got the same shit going on. Everything he talk about is the same shit I did. I relate to Fifty,” he said during an interview with Vibe in 2012. “I can listen to 50 Cent and tell he really mean what he’s saying. He’s one of them niggas that got a way with confidence…I seen where he was doing an interview about Ja Rule during the beef shit, he was saying that any nigga that just getting out of jail that don’t know what to do with himself is getting into the rap game. Recently when I just got out of jail I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t going to try and finish playing football. That’s when I was fucking around with rapping, I wasn’t really rapping but when I heard that I was like fuck it…I really went hard at it. Fifty probably saved my life on some real shit.”

ScHoolboy Q’s Oxymoron album is currently slated for a February 25 release. Artists whose features have been confirmed for Q’s album include Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, and SZA.

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