Soulja Boy is set to go to jail, according to a Twitter update the rapper recently posted on his timeline.

“5 more days until I go to jail. Appreciate everyone who was there for me while I needed y’all,” Soulja Boy said in a Twitter update February 15. 

In January, Soulja Boy was pulled over for running a stop sign, according to various reports. Soulja Boy was arrested when authorities found a loaded gun in his vehicle, but later, the Atlanta rapper’s manager, Miami Mike, said Soulja Boy was unaware of the loaded gun in the car.

Recently, he also addressed his arrests in an interview

“It’s just being young and being successful,” he said. “I feel like, if I was a regular person, it wouldn’t get promoted in the media. Me and Bieber we were just chilling. We just young and having fun. They pulled over the Bentley, they pulled over the Ferrari. Why are they pulling us over in the first place? We just gone deal with it. All my fans that’s been rocking with me through everything I salute to y’all and appreciate the support.”

Soulja’s recent Twitter update can be found below.  

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