Moments after sharing his belief that TDE is the best rap crew out during an interview with Torae of Hip Hop Nation, Los Angeles emcee ScHoolboy Q was then asked who the best rapper in Black Hippy is. He responded by stating that he’s the best rapper in the Los Angeles-based crew and went on to rattle down a list of reasons as to why he holds that title.

“Me,” Q said when asked who the best rapper in Black Hippy is. “Cause I am. I smoke weed. The most girls like me. I dress nicer than them. I rap better than them. You can listen to me by yo self. You can listen to me with the homies. You can play certain songs for your mama. You can play me in the strip club. I’m everywhere. I’m better than them niggas.”

ScHoolboy Q’s interview with Torae comes weeks before the scheduled February 25 release of his album, Oxymoron. With the LP set for release in the near future, Q was asked what fans can expect from the project. According to the rapper, Oxymoron will boast a “groovy Q” sound and will include a guest appearance from Wu-Tang Clan spitter Raekwon.

“Groovy Q. Shit, that’s all I can give them. Some gangsta shit,” he said. “Someone that’s doing bad for a good cause. Features? I got Raekwon on there. You know what I mean? I got my nigga on there. I don’t wanna give too much up because the tracklist ain’t out. And it’s gonna spoil it…We TDE, man. We kicked the door in and we do what the fuck we want. We tell iTunes when we gon’ put something out.”

During an interview with Life+Times last year, Q offered a brief description of Oxymoron, informing viewers that the “album is about me taking care of my daughter and Crip history from 1969 to present.”

Shortly following the release of Oxymoron later this month, ScHoolboy Q is scheduled to embark on a three-month tour. The tour will begin on March 1 in Providence, Rhode Island and will conclude in Manchester, England on June 1.

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