ScHoolboy Q, whose Oxymoron album is slated to be released February 25, participated in an AMA (ask me anything) discussion with fans through Reddit Saturday (January 11).

The Reddit AMA included several confirmations from ScHoolboy Q regarding his relationships and collaborations with various artists and his upcoming album, Oxymoron. During the AMA session, Q also confirmed that “Druggys Wit Hoes 3,” a collaboration with Ab-Soul, is not slated to be released on Oxymoron. “Nope sample smH,” Q said. A song that is scheduled to appear on the album is one titled “Blind THreats,” which is set to feature Raekwon. Q also denied rumors of a 50 Cent collaboration on his album and said a tracklisting for Oxymoron would be revealed in a “few days.” A tour promoting Oxymoron is also set to be announced soon. “yupp dates sHould be up by end of tHa montH, but u know i like pusHing sHIt back so just wait lol,” Q said. 

During his AMA, Q was asked who he would collaborate with on a joint project.

“rocky!!! me and mac wanna do a alternative album but rap keeps me tied up,” Q said. 

Recently, Top Dawg said he would release six albums from TDE this year. Some speculated that a Black Hippy album would be one of those six releases. During the AMA, Q was asked if the Black Hippy album is slated to be released in the near future. “No,” Q said.  

During the conversation, ScHoolboy Q was asked about a collaboration with Kid Cudi.

“I TRIED He must wasnt fuckin wit me iono,” Q said. 

ScHoolboy Q, who often represents the Crips gang in his music, was also asked whether there was ever any tension between him and fellow Top Dawg Ent. emcee Jay Rock, who often represents the Bloods in his lyrics. 

“HOOVAS AND BOUNTY HUNNAS GET ALONG plus i was already over it,” Q said. 

In the AMA, Q was asked if Tyler, The Creator is as crazy “as he seems in real life.” “YUPP HE LOKEY GAY,” Q said. Another user asked how Tyler was able to convince him to perform at the Odd Future Carnival. “easy He paid me and He da Homie,” Q said. 

Q was also asked how he felt when he sold drugs. “nervous everyday i still feel weird being out in public and ppl ask for pics,” Q said. 

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