In 2001, Dilated Peoples released “Worst Comes To Worst,” a single off the group’s Expansion Team album, which was released by Capitol Records. The track became one of the group’s most notable to date. Evidence, who is joined in Dilated Peoples by DJ Babu and Rakaa Irisicience, recently discussed how the track came to be and why Guru and Havoc were instrumental in the creation of this selection.

“There were two elements to this song that made it next level on top of the beat and us rapping,” Evidence said in a recent interview with Fact Mag. “One was the sample of Havoc saying, ‘Worst comes to worst my peoples come first,’ and the other was Guru, who laced us with the bridge, the little shout out in between the verses.”  

“Worst Comes To Worst’s” remix features Guru and Havoc, who were called up to record the track, which Alchemist produced.

“So for the remix it was like, ‘Let’s get Guru and Havoc, the two people who made that song possible,'” Evidence said. “Alchemist brought Havoc over to my apartment in Venice Beach and we recorded it up there. He did the vocals in my bedroom, it was crazy. Having Havoc coming over to my house at that time was nuts, I was nervous recording it. The first record did well for our fan base but the second record got us on radio and more TV exposure too. The experience was great.”

Dilated Peoples is currently working on their Rhymesayers debut, Directors of Photography

Meanwhile, Evidence and Alchemist recently released their own Rhymesayers Entertainment debut with Step Brothers’ Lord Steppington, which was released January 21. Their album received a 4 out of 5 X rating by HipHopDX

“Worst Comes To Worst’s” remix can be found below.

Photography By: Andres Tardio

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